A solution with passion.

A chef, a bartender and a graphic designer meet in a bar... What started as a spontaneous idea of three friends has since then developed into a Swiss quality product.

Fabian Gysling

Trained chef with further experience gathered in San Francisco. Fabian gained beverage experience in a fruit juice start-up, worked as a bartender and heads sales and marketing at Mikks.

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Manuel Vaziri

Also trained chef from Munich, but shifted focus by working his way up to become a shrewd bartender in first-class cocktail bars. Manuel is responsible for the flavours and fine-tuning of Mikks.

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Philipp Dornbierer

Graphic designer and illustrator with clients like Google or the New York Times in his to-do list, known under the pseudonym Yehteh and responsible for the visuals at Mikks.

Co-Founder & Art Director

Friedrich De Philipp

Country Manager Germany